hello jurnal… on this very fine day i decided to write again something to be cherish in future. how i missed out lots of thing while both my angels growing up. I hardly recall every details of this and that about aisyah and khadijah…khadijah is now 1 y 6 mo while aisyah is 4y10mo. supaya aku yang pelupa ni ingat setiap detik anak2 ni membesar. something to refer later on..

Yesterday (29/12/2013)… i’ve been thinking one of memorable sweetest moment we have. mandi sungai dalam kampung sendiri je lah…it was very fun… the girls enjoy it very much. You really don’t have to pay a single cents kan to see the biggest smile u ever see in their faces.

u promised not to reveal it to anyone so that we kept the place as private as it can be. it was like a heaven to the girls…and you was so overwhelmed with the joyousness the had.
You show to them a small fish and prawns swims together with them. How wonderful even the small things Allah give can brought the whole world to my girls.

As a token for both of them for being so good and token for u so that u can see their laughter this Wednesday (1/1/2014), u planned to bring them again. hopefully Allah will grant a very nice weather on the day Insyallah.