I am an optimist kind of person… even though my gynea told me the third time CONFIRM a Czer section. Well, it will not let me down to find a way to have VBAC. Hmm yang penting usaha dulu baru boleh berserah, bak kata orang tu pantang menyerah sebelum kalah. My KC when he heard about Czerian again for the third baby, terus die geleng2 kepala and for him having 2 childs is way good enuf. But it’s ok, i told him don’t give up so soon, I have plenty of time to find O&G doctors who will assist me in this matter hopefully before i get pregnant again. Two childs is Alhamdulillah, but with addition another child is a bless. Let say Allah bagi rezeki mengandung lagi…and i’ve tried my best insist to have VBAC, but end up Czer again… REDHA lah yang sepatutnya akan mummy buat. 