i’ve lost my track…the last time i wrote something in my blog. it has been seper busy day..plus my lazyness during pregnancy. i forgive myself for ignoring to write something in here..hopefully i will remember every moment bitter and sweet of my second pregnancy.

officially our 2nd little princess was born on the 29th of July 2012…2 wees earlier than EDD. UNSTABLE LIE is the reason why i’ve scheduled for a czer. she was born with 3.17 kgs of weight and 56cm in length or height i can say. the moment dr Hamidah tell me… she gonna scheduled czer for me, it brake my heart…i was really hoping for a normal delivery for this time, since i wanna  have at least children of mine. But as a muslim i knew that Allah knows better than me and i redha with the ketentuan.

Today our SITI KHADIJAH is 19 days old…heheheh, fully breastfeed and very healthy. not so cranky, waking me up only once or twice the at night. Semoga perangai baik ni berkekalan… so mummy can go to work without panda eyes.

ok, what i felt for this second child. i can say that pengalaman really worth the whole universe i can say. i am less cemas, time management is better, i know what i am doing, i knew diff type of crying meant for different thing, like baby nangis because she’s poo or pee or want to be feed. it is way far different from the first time i am handling Aisyah…a little bit stress a can say. this time around even though we are staying with my parents, but i am proudly write down here i do almost everything by myself (excluded 4 days after kena czer lah kan). including mandikan my baby. hahahah…i’m so proud of my self.

ok then Siti Khadijah mau menyusu… STOP here